One year on from the launch of Enable

Published on February 7, 2018

One year on from the launch of Enable, John (team leader) looks back at how this ministry has grown during this time…

This is what has happened since my launch event last February. It’s not far-reaching to say that being a part of The Message Trust is fast paced, faith filled and spirit led. This has meant a lot has happened and God’s favour has definitely been in what I and Enable have achieved so far. In the past year I have:

  • Established two church partnerships with Today’s Community Church Wigan and Christ Church Pennington, developing groups in each Church that meets bi-monthly to discuss how to develop the church.
  • Presented at three churches on a Sunday morning.
  • Delivered the first training session on disability awareness to Today’s Community Church staff.
  • Attended a launch event for an accessible bible for people with disabilities and forged links with other organisations and individuals who support people with seen and unseen disabilities.
  • Helped to make The Message conference enabling and more accessible for those with disabilities and beginning to look at future events.
  • Ran a seminar at Proximity Conference and Eden team leaders retreat.
  • Developed a lesson on Respect.
  • Developing a second lesson on dreams and ambitions.
  • Been in to 12 schools and been in front of 3011 students.
  • Presented to the heads of education for Blackburn and Manchester Church of England dioceses.
  • Linked in with ‘Transforming Wigan’ a Church of England run project.
  • Met with five different church leaders to explore the work of Enable.
  • Met the Archdeacon of Rochdale and been invited to join a task force to look at changing churches in her parishes.
  • Written my first blog.
  • Began working with Sarah Kaul on the new Enterprise café in Wolverhampton.
  • Been able to meet and encourage various people with disabilities.
  • Continued to develop as an evangelist in Ben Jack’s Advance group.
  • Met with hub leaders across the country to look at expanding the work of Enable.
  • Started my own bespoke Advance group for people with disabilities.

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