New ‘Lads Club’ for Eden Partington

‘Our hope is that by working with lads at a young age we might help to build their confidence and help them to have high aspirations for their future.’ – Karen (Eden Partington Team Leader)

The new ‘Lads Club’ set up in January by the Eden Partington (Manchester) team is aiming to achieve this. Thanks to the Message Academy students and funding from the Trafford Youth Trust, the team invited young guys from their detached youth work in the community to get together in the week to play games and eat pizza. More than this though – they chat together about what it means to be a man, how to be resilient, have a good character and how to be a good mate.

‘We want the lads to see their culture differently, to show them they have worth and that they don’t need to follow the more negative influences they may come across in their community’

The team would love you to pray for them, for safety and real engagement from these very excitable young men. They’d also appreciate prayers for the future of the club and what this might look like as they look for more volunteers.

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