The Message launches in Germany

Published on April 10, 2018

Sven and Maria Wenzel are the latest addition to The Message’s international team. Based in the town of Annaberg-Buchholz in the south-east of Germany, they’ll be working to bring gospel-centred creative mission and community transformation to the region.

‘We’re starting to see an awakening in the youth of our nation’, says Sven. ‘There’s a hunger and a great longing for the abundant life that only God can give, and we want to resend to God’s call to be workers in his harvest’.

Since 2006, Sven and Maria have been involved in Jugendfestival, an annual music festival which has shared the gospel with thousands of young people to date. In recent years the event has featured both Galactus Jack and Twelve24.

Along with creative mission, Sven and Maria are passionate about seeing communities transformed from the inside out by the gospel. ‘It’s inspiring to see the impact Eden has had in the UK, South Africa and Canada,’ says Maria. ‘In East Germany, too, we want to move into difficult residential areas and help young people to turn their lives around.’

‘I’m convinced that the time is right to launch our first European hub,’ says Andy Hawthorne, our Founder and CEO. ‘I am also thrilled that Sven and Maria have been called to lead this new work in Germany and can’t wait to see the fruit that Jesus brings through it in years to come.’

By 2020, plans are in place to have launched multiple Eden teams and to have deployed an Eden Bus to bring the gospel to the places it’s needed the most, while also establishing Advance groups to connect and equip evangelists and sharing the gospel with thousands more through continued Jugendfestivals.

For Sven and Maria, it’s all about their passion for Christ. ‘The Bible tells us that Jesus came into this world to seek and save what is lost. We want to follow him and see how this word becomes reality in Germany.’