Eden Bus: Ringleader to Redeemed

Published on April 20, 2018

The Eden Bus in Wales was recently out of action for five weeks due to maintenance issues. On the first week back, the team headed to an estate to run a youth club and it is here where they met Jen (for the purpose of this article her name has been changed)

Meet Jen. Jen is described by many people in her community as a ringleader in acts of vandalism. Her neighbours take to social media and report her movements on a Facebook group whenever she is spotted in public. Jen is also a part of this group and so can read the rude and vulgar comments made about her by her neighbours.

neighbours report her movements on a Facebook group whenever she is in public

The Eden Bus travels to the estate where Jen lives. Along with a local church they run a youth group each week and it is here that our team met Jen. Despite her reputation, the team has seen a different side to her. In a recent session, she caused no problems and appeared to be having a great time. Once the gospel presentation started Jen was taking in every word. Mike Thomas, Eden Bus manager, asked the young people for examples of things that people wished they could find forgiveness for. He wrote the answers on a piece of special flammable paper and the young people watched as the paper disappeared in a puff of smoke – just like our sin when it is exposed to the forgiveness of Christ.

Once the gospel presentation started, Jen was taking in every word

Four young people gave their lives to Jesus that night – including Jen! After the talk each young person was given a bible and one of them asked for an extra to give to a friend. Our team is excited to begin the journey with these enthusiastic new disciples. Please pray with us that the community would be open to giving Jen a second chance now that her life has changed because of the gospel.

If you’re interested in booking or volunteering for the Eden Bus in Wales please email mike.thomas@message.org.uk