Take a look inside the new Eden Bus

Published on April 27, 2018

The newest Eden Bus is now out of the shed and serving the youth of the Manchester – these mobile youth centres help to keep young people off the streets and teaches them about the good news of Jesus. 


Inside the bus is packed full of entertainment from karaoke and Fifa to a rock climbing wall and a slide!



It’s so exciting to share the gospel in one of the most hi-tech mobile youth centres in the country but for me, what is more exciting is hearing about the discipleship groups that take place beyond the Eden Bus! This has led to gang intervention groups, drops in crime rates and anti-social behaviour, new youth centres being opened, prayer ministries, people being healed, whole families coming to faith and joining the community… the list goes on!

John Li (Manchester Eden Bus Manager)


The bus is already in action. On a recent session in Ordsall we saw 17 kids on board with three responding to the gospel message. All the young people were really engaged with the gospel talk and rather than wanting to go back and continue their games they just wanted to hear more!



Please pray for this new bus, that we will see many young people who will hear and respond to the gospel and that it will make a great impact in local communities.


For more information about the Eden Bus or to find out how to partner with us email john.li@message.org.uk