Eden Falinge: Passion for music, passion for young people

Published on May 2, 2018

James is the team leader for Eden Falinge (Rochdale). He shares how he has used his passion for music to connect with the kids at the local pupil referral unit

‘I really wanted to connect with the local pupil referral unit on our estate. When I found out that kids at the unit weren’t receiving any kind of music lessons I knew I could help in this way. I play guitar and keyboard and so I offered to teach once a week.

Over the past couple of months, I have been going on a weekly basis and teaching keyboards to 10 kids. It’s been going really well and the teachers want me to give more music lessons around the school. The kids I teach are showing a real interest in learning music and it’s great to have the opportunity to chat and really get to know them.

We’re looking forward to Vital Signs performing in the school in June. My hope is the kids will hear the gospel message through their music and want to know more.

Please pray for this Vital Signs performance that it will bring opportunities to spread the gospel and see lives changed. Please also pray that the kids I’m teaching will want to come to church for more music lessons as this will give a great opportunity to speak into their lives.’

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