Eden DTES: New Eden team in Vancouver, Canada

Published on June 15, 2018

Eden Downtown Eastside (DTES) is the most recent Eden team to be launched across the Atlantic. DTES is an area of East Vancouver that faces many complex issues including gentrification, homelessness, addiction and an overdose epidemic.

Fari, team leader, has now moved in to the DTES community to live incarnationally along with five other team members and they’re already seeing God at work.

‘There are a lot of good things happening in DTES. People are being saved, getting baptized and finding community and purpose within local churches’

Batley shares his testimony of how the work of the team and their partner church have made an impact in his life:

‘Before I committed my life to Jesus I was selfish, self-centred and self-absorbed. Life seemed to be about me, myself and I. I lived without considering the consequences of my words and actions and how they most definitely affected the lives of many, including my neighbours, my community and society as a whole. Especially the ones who truly loved me. Over time, living these selfish ways became the norm – to lie, to cheat and to steal. My excessive use of alcohol and drugs over a prolonged period of time enabled me to do and say things that I would not do otherwise. There came a time when after all my years of immoral and illegal ways caught up to my conscience. My heavenly Father stood beside me and said, ‘Batley, I care for you, I love you, and I want to see you well. Come and follow me and I’ll teach you how to truly live free from bondage and live a joyful life in Christ.’ I consider myself proud, stronger than, smarter than, and extremely stubborn.  I heard what he said but I did not listen. The Lord used a third party to get involved to help put my life back on course to a better way of living. I’m grateful to the many God-like men and women in our society that helped me see clearly that may ways were not the right ways.’

Eden sends urban missionaries to underprivileged communities to live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community. Join Eden today: joineden.org