Eden Birkenhead: Kingdom Glimpses

Published on July 30, 2018

Holly Warren, team leader of Eden Birkenhead (Merseyside) shares how her and her team keep the main thing the main thing – seeing God’s kingdom here on earth… 

Every week our small team meet first thing on a Monday morning to share, pray and encourage each other. We drink tea and dream about the kingdom of God coming to our community. We also cry, vent and ask questions. Because it isn’t always easy – in fact it often isn’t. But one of the things that our team have been reminded of this past year is the importance of recognising and not missing the ways that God is working in our community. It’s so easy to stay focussed on the challenges, the prayers that haven’t yet been answered and the young people that we can’t reach. But when we stay focussed on these things we miss the kingdom glimpses all around us – the ways that God is moving in our community. So, every Monday when we meet with our cups of tea and we reflect on our past week and call out the glimpses of God’s kingdom in our community that we have had the privilege to see.

Eden sends urban missionaries to underprivileged communities to live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community.
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