Eden Latchford: Comedians, Gladiators and the Gospel

Published on August 15, 2018

In June the Eden Latchford team (Warrington) hosted a comedy and curry night at their local social club. Team leader Andy shares how the night went…

‘The heart behind this night was to introduce the lads who drink at this club regularly to the gospel. Up until this point I’d been journeying with these lads for two years and sown many seeds during this time’.



The night consisted of comedy from local award-winning comedian and TV personality Charlie Hale. Warren Furman – better known as Ace from the TV series Gladiators – also shared his testimony of how God has transformed his life. The night finished with Mat Walls – an evangelist from The Message Trust – sharing the gospel and speaking of the transformational power of Jesus.




‘We prayed with two of the lads at the end of the night and one of them came back to my house and we stayed up until 4am chatting as he asked me questions about Jesus’

‘We love our community and trust in God that many more seeds will be sown and a harvest will one day be reaped’.

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