Raising funds for Eden

Published on November 30, 2018

At Eden, we are passionate about seeing positive change in the communities that our teams live and work in. We can only do the life transforming we do with the sufficient funding. 

We always encourage, celebrate and delight in our Eden teams taking the initiative to raise the needed funds that will allow them to carry on doing the great things that they do. James Moss (Eden Falinge) and Mark Tate (Eden Gurnell Grove) are two leaders who have gone above and beyond what is expected of them to help their team and community. Both of these men recently undertook the grueling challenge of running marathons while friends, family and neighbors financially supported and encouraged them. So far, James has raised over £1,000 and Mark over £1,250 with more money coming in. This whopping total of £2,250 will greatly affect the communities both James and Mark live in as they pioneer new and different community outreach missions.




Heather Ryan from the Eden team in Rhydyfelin is also working hard to fundraise for her team. She has signed up for the Run 4 Wales 10K series which is taking place in mid-2019. This entails running three different 10K races in the short period of just over three months – and she is now hard at work training and gathering supporters. 

These are just a few examples of different things that our team members are constantly doing in order to facilitate their work. We are blessed that there are so many team leaders who lead by example and sacrifice their time, effort and comfort to help those they work with. Perhaps these stories have inspired you to step up, challenge yourself and raise some much needed funding for an Eden team near you, or even help support Heather as she runs her first race in March. Every pound you give will go to aiding our teams as we live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community – transforming lives and communities in the process. 

Interested in fundraising for Eden? Email hello@joineden.org to find out how!