Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer – Day Four

Annabel Stott – Centenary Project in Doncaster

‘Father we ask that you would just…’ Sound familiar? I imagine most of us have prayed that prayer before. I know I most definitely have. In fact, it’s probably my go to prayer, and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, there is one little word in there, the word ‘just’ and I can’t stop thinking about it. ‘God we just ask that…’, ‘God would you just…’. If you look up ‘just’ in the dictionary you will see lots of different definitions of the word. However, when I’m hearing it in my prayers I’m hearing it as; ‘will you come and be with us just a little bit’, ‘will you only just heal my friend’, ‘will you almost help me with my work’. I’m hearing it as if without even realising, I am putting limits on what I want to see or ask God to do. The God who can do ‘immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine’ (Ephesians 3:20), the God who ‘is abundant in power’ (Psalm 147:5), the God who is ‘the everlasting God’ (Isaiah 40:28). Am I asking God to only just do something? No. I want to ask God to be in everything.

As we are now in 2019, the year of the Higher Yorkshire (which I am very excited about by the way!) let’s not ask God to only just make the tour happen, let’s ask him to make it the best one yet. I want to challenge you; not that you would stop using the word just in your prayers, because come on, that’s impossible and ridiculous. I want to challenge you to not put limits on what you want to see God do. That you would pray outrageously bold prayers and that you would pray to see the impossible happen. I’ll take the risk of sounding too cheesy here, but let’s take our prayers HIGHER this year. Let’s make them bolder and louder. 

As a local youth worker in Doncaster I am praying that God would give my young people courage and boldness to step out and share their faith with friends. I’m praying that every school I work with will sign up to Higher. I’m praying that hundreds of young people will make commitments of faith during Higher.As you take five minutes today to pray for Higher, I encourage you to pray this prayer and then you may wish to pray it for the rest of the two weeks of prayer or even right up to and during the tour too. 

Let’s pray:

‘God, we have only seen a glimpse of what you can do and still we stand amazed. As the Higher Tour comes to Yorkshire this year would you come and do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. Amen.’

The Higher Yorkshire team are hosting five prayer events in the next two weeks and we’d love it if you came to the event nearest you.  For more information contact yorkshire@message.org.uk 

10 January – Sheffield Higher Prayer Night – All Saints Ecclesall, S11 7PP – 7:30pm 

16 January – Leeds & Bradford Higher Launch – Pudsey Parish Church, LS28 8BE – 7:30pm – 9:15pm

17 January – Wakefield Higher Prayer Night – New Life Church, WF1 1DL – 7:30pm – 9pm