Eden Walsall: Saving Christmas

In December last year, Eden Walsall (West Midlands) advertised a large Christmas community event to be held in their local church hall. Families from their community were invited to come for free and have a professional photographer capture a family photo that they could take away and frame, as well as many crafts and a big meal to share together. However, it wasn’t until minutes before the event that the team found out that there had been a problem and none of these amazing activities were able to be there. Gav, team leader, shares how God moved at this stressful time… 

‘We were faced with 50 people waiting to come in to an event we had advertised, expecting wonderful activities, with nothing to offer them. As panic was setting in for me, our team simply asked ‘what do you need us to do?’ Within minutes we had Christmas crafts ready to go and a whole host of exciting Christmas games. I raced to our local kebab shop, who we already have a great relationship with, and emptied everything in my wallet on the counter and asked if they could help us. Despite it being a busy Friday night, they gave us a huge discount and prioritized our order above others. When the boxes of chicken and chips turned up there was just enough for one per person. Thank you, Jesus!’ 

‘What could have been a disaster was a great event. Our team member Pete spoke about the hope that Christmas brings and how Jesus can change our lives. Everyone ate together. Families made beautiful Christmas crafts and we played some great games. This was only possible because people who we have seen become part of our church family and grow in confidence were able to step forward as competent and talented leaders to turn a nightmare situation into an incredible event. We’re also so glad for links with local businesses, like 5-star fish bar who rescued us in our time of need! If you’re ever in Walsall, let us treat you to a donner kebab pizza and battered chips, and we can tell you so many more stories about how people are finding a place in our church family and are growing more and more into leaders helping to shape their community.’

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