Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer – Day Fourteen

Matt Leeder, The Message Trust

At the end of two weeks of prayer focused in on Higher Yorkshire we’re so thrilled to witness that… God is still invested in, still faithful to and still answering the prayers of his people. Of course, we all already knew that, but isn’t it so good to be reminded of his great faithfulness?! God is good!

Since these two weeks of prayer began we’ve seen confirmed schools bookings for Higher Yorkshire accelerate to over 20 and 36 more expressing interest. That’s almost a quarter of the schools in South and West Yorkshire booked or expressing interest. In fact, if all those schools book in then we will have exceeded our target of 50 schools involved. God is good!

Since these two weeks of prayer started God’s people have gathered on multiple occasions from a diverse cross section of his Church right across Rotherham, Doncaster, Sheffield, and Wakefield – as well as launching Higher in Leeds, Bradford, Pudsey and the surrounding areas of West Yorkshire at an epic evening which saw vision, and faith rise. God is good!

In fact across the Higher Yorkshire region more than 700 people have gathered to lend support, to pray, to celebrate Jesus, and grow vision together as we’ve launched the tour. As I write this over 100 young people are gathered in Sheffield to be equipped and encouraged to speak out their faith in their schools, to their friends, and whatever contexts they find themselves in. And we still have another Youth Conference event to come next week in Leeds. God is good!

Through Higher, it is our prayer that thousands will hear the good news of Jesus as the church works together to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28:19). It is part of God’s mission for us. God is good!

If there’s a chance to empower a generation of young people to become a movement of culture shifting disciples. If there’s a chance to gather Church; unified around the purpose of seeing Jesus’ name spoken out loud and clear. If there’s a chance – then we should take it! God is good!

So, as two weeks of prayer for Higher comes to a close lets recognise and remind ourselves that God is good and let’s keep praying.

Find out more about Higher Yorkshire by heading to highertour.com/yorkshire or email yorkshire@message.org.uk

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