Prisons Ministry Expands into London

Since September 2018, Ruth has been building relationships and creating new links among Christians working in prisons and youth offender institutes in London.

The Message has been working in prisons in Manchester since 2004, but Ruth’s role as a prison’s development worker is a new post as our prisons ministry work expands.

After three months of hard work, she saw the first fruits as SoulBox were invited into a Women’s prison for a chapel service, and performed to an audience of nearly 100 young women, officers and support staff.

Throughout the performance, SoulBox presented the gospel through their lyrics, stories and a straight presentation of the gospel message. As a result, 40 women made a first time response to the gospel!

It was exciting to have the first prison event for the London prison ministry and it was wonderful to be able to bless the prison, inmates and staff alike. After only three months of networking and building relationships, to be invited into the prison was a huge sign of confidence in the ministry that is being developed. This is the first in the partnerships that will help to transform lives in prisons throughout London.

Please continue to pray for the work of our prisons ministry teams across the UK. If you would like to volunteer with our prisons work in London please email Ruth at

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