Eden Hillhead: Sharing faith at a youth cafe

Since December 2018, the Eden Hillhead team (Glasgow) have been running a drop-in youth café at their partner church for a group of young people from the area.

Team leader Pam explains that ‘this wasnt something that we planned but it was in response to the young people turning up every week during the evening service to get in from the cold and enjoy a drink and something to eat. The team have been getting to know the young people for a while now through the churchs youth club, high school chaplaincy and from time spent with them on the Eden Bus.’

‘There are usually around 10 boys who turn up each week and we agreed that it would be great to give them their own space. So we put on food, drinks, pool, FIFA tournaments and other games as well as having a time each week when we share some of our testimonies. Its not without its challenges but its been great to get to know the boys (who range from P7-S4) and show them that we care as well as being able to share about our faith.’

We have had some great moments with them already. One example was when, without prompting, some of the boys arrived with armfuls of food: donuts, crisps, sweets, etc. They were so keen to share them with us. It was great to see them giving joyfully back. This had a positive impact, not just on us, but also on them. We have no idea what the future holds for the group but its so encouraging to see them turning up on our doorstep every week.’ 

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