Why Eden?

Dave shares his journey to joining Eden Ladbroke Grove and how his life has been changed since.

What’s your name? Dave

How old were you when you first joined Eden? 27

Where did you live before joining Eden? Fulham (South London)

Which Eden team did you join? Ladbroke Grove

What did you do as a job while on an Eden team? Paralegal/Trainee solicitor

What led you to join Eden and relocate? 

Eden has enabled me to become part of a vibrant church community. We’re based in one of the most diverse and deprived neighbourhoods in London, that is seeking to love God and its local community. First and foremost, this means I have fellowship with people who know and love Jesus, who are from a great diversity of backgrounds and life stories than I have never experienced in a church environment before. Secondly, it presents me with an opportunity to share life with, and contribute to the lives of, people who are very different to me and often, from a worldly perspective, on the bottom rung of the ladder. Finally, God willing, it means I might be a part of bringing God’s change and transformation in the lives of people here and in the community in which we live.

Is God calling you to a new home? Join Eden and be part of a movement of sacrificial Christians who live long-term in deprived communities. Visit joineden.org today to find out more.

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