Advance: The Gathering

Advance: The Gathering is a movement of young people who are passionate about sharing the gospel. A group of young people from London gather together for training in evangelism before taking their training and go out practicing what they have learned – hitting the streets and taking the good news of Jesus outside the four walls of the church.

During the February gathering, the group looked at the importance prayer when it comes to evangelism. London Hub Leader, Jamie, shared on Luke 10 and the sending of the 72.

In the afternoon, the team went into the local town to practice what they had learnt. A group of young people went into the shops and businesses and prayed for the owners as well as sharing the gospel with them. Other teams went to the local bus dept and others went to the park. The group of 15 young people prayed for over 30 strangers all together and had some amazing moments sharing the gospel.

One 14-year-old boy went into a basketball court, armed with a bucket of sweets, and told a group of 6ft plus boys that Jesus loved them. After returning to the team leader he was asked if he had managed to pray for the boys. He hadn’t. As they started to head back this boy stopped and said ‘I am going back in there and I am going to pray for them.’ So he did. He went back and prayed for a number of the boys playing basketball.

Everyone came back buzzing knowing how God had used them that day.

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