Higher Yorkshire two weeks in!

Just two weeks into Higher Yorkshire and we’re hearing amazing stories of how God is moving in schools, gigs and local churches.

Over 13,000 young people have heard the good news of Jesus so far and we’ve seen 463 make the decision to respond to the gospel at gigs.

Stories include that of Adam* who has been struggling with depression since his parents’ divorce. At the Doncaster gig he responded to the gospel for the first time and on the way home told the youth worker that he was with that “he actually felt excited about life now.” Since then Adam’s been along to the church’s follow up session and is fully engaged in the group, asking amazing questions and is excited to know more about being a Christian.

Mark Wakefield from Amongst Wolves has also shared a story about 12-year Alfie* that he met:

“When I was in school I shared about how I used to be a bully with a year 7 class. At the end of the lesson a kid Alfie* came up to me and said that he was a bully too and he wanted to change after hearing my story.

“I was able to tell him about how if he let God help him then he could change and do amazing things with his life. I also mentioned the gig in Doncaster. After the gig on the Friday night, he came running up to me and told me that he believes in God now and has become a Christian!

“He had also come along with a few mates, including one lad called Callum*. Whilst the three of us were talking Callum said that his leg was hurting because of his dry skin, so I offered to pray for it to be healed. Callum said this was fine, so I prayed and as we did his leg was healed!

“Alfie and Callum are now planning to go to the Higher sessions at their local church.”

These are just two of the many great stories we’ve heard so far.

Do keep praying for Higher Yorkshire as the teams head to Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford during the rest of this month. Pray for all the young people who will hear the good news proclaimed in their schools and at gigs.

You can keep updated with the latest news from Higher Yorkshire on Facebook and Instagram at @thehighertour

*Names have been changed.

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