Why Eden?

Nathan shares his journey to joining and leading Eden Dagenham and how his life has been changed since.

What’s your name? Nathan

How old were you when you first joined Eden? 28

Where did you live before joining Eden? Cardiff

Which Eden team did you join? Dagenham

What did you do as a job while on an Eden team? Full-time Eden team leader

What led you to join Eden and relocate? 

I love the people of Dagenham, they are so open and raw.  It’s such an exciting place and full of so much potential for transformation. At the centre of Eden and our partner church is a heart for outward looking mission.  It was this vision to go and meet people where they are that saw me uproot and plant myself in a new area as well as a new country.

What’s been happening since you moved in?

I have seen many lives touched by God through church partnerships, school and community partnerships. We’ve planted two churches a mile from the estate, set up a high school Christian union and a community drop in the heart of the estate.  There are new film studios being built nearby in east Dagenham with work due to start soon – this adds to the excitement of how the area will transform.

I pray continually that God uses the Welsh revival fire that was sparked within from a young age to help transform Dagenham – a place that has so much fuel for that fire.  The divine way that I came here from a Christian festival was a clear sign this is where I’m supposed to be.

Is God calling you to a new home? Join Eden and be part of a movement of sacrificial Christians who live long-term in deprived communities. Visit joineden.org today to find out more.

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