Why Eden?

Ben shares his journey to joining Eden Churchill Gardens and how his life has been changed since.

What’s your name? Ben

Where did you live before joining Eden? London

Which Eden team did you join? Churchill Gardens

What led you to join Eden and relocate?

Years ago, I watched the film Harry Brown. For those of you who haven’t seen it, Michael Caine plays a recently widowed former Royal Marine, Harry. Harry fights back and kills the teenage drug dealers terrorising the residents of his South London neighbourhood.

Not long after seeing that, I heard about Eden. Eden sends and supports teams of people who are motivated to live and invest their lives in estates like Harry’s, to bring about an end to the violence and hopelessness, without resorting to killing all the perpetrators. The stories I heard and read were so powerful, they comprehensively trumped Harry’s Hollywood narrative. They inspired the desire in me to invest somewhere where it would actually matter, rather than moving wherever the wind of my millennial life blew, barely exchanging hellos with my neighbours before it was time to move on again.

My faith inspires me to fight for a better world. Eden’s approach is the antithesis of Harry’s, based on a deep and real love for your literal neighbours, living with and investing in those next door. It probably doesn’t sound worth it, but when you believe that God did it for you, your perspective changes. All I hope is that through the sacrifices, some of the people I encounter discover that they are loved and valued.

Is God calling you to a new home? Join Eden and be part of a movement of sacrificial Christians who live long-term in deprived communities. Visit joineden.org today to find out more.

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