Message Academy in Germany

Our Message Academy students spent two weeks with our amazing team in Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany to head into different schools, youth camps and local events to share the gospel. Some of our students share their highlights below…  

‘We had a great opportunity to go into a Christian school and share the gospel with the students. The time came for the response and half of the school made a decision for Jesus – including the head teacher! He then joined us at the end of the day to pray and asked for prayer for the school.’

Murray Lockhart

‘In the run up to the Germany trip I had been suffering from awful leg pains due to stress. These pains were stopping me from completing simple tasks and consumed my thoughts. It got to the point where I didn’t want to return to Academy after the Easter break or go on the mission trip to Germany. I was really stubborn and felt like God didn’t care. However, I still pushed myself and went along. On the second day of the trip we headed to a youth camp. I didn’t want to go because my legs were even worse, but I still went. The youth camp was incredible. The youth we met were amazing and so eager to learn more about God. I prayed with one girl who wanted her father to come to know God. We also prayed for her to have the strength and courage to tell her father about Jesus. This made me realise that even in our darkest and lowest moments God can still use us. And this girl’s passion for wanting to share Jesus with her family sparked something new in me. Over the following days my legs slowly began to become pain free and I believe that God healed me during this time of obedience to him and what he had asked of me.’

Tamara Wade

‘I am from Germany and so this testimony is all about how God has transformed me and used me to serve him in the area that I’m from. On the first day of mission we went to different youth camps and preached the gospel. I translated the talks from English into German. Our course leader Sola was preaching, I was translating and God was working in the hearts of the young people. We then gave a time for response and seven young people made a decision to live for Jesus and many more recommitted their lives to him. This was particularly special for me as this was in the same hall that I gave my life to Christ eight years ago!’

Kilian SpieB

‘We were at a youth group when Sola felt like there was someone in the room who needed healing both physically and spiritually. A deaf girl came forward and I prayed for her. I never really believed that God would want to heal people through me. But while I had my hands on her ears I heard God say that he wanted to do something through me, and despite my arms getting heavy, I didn’t want to put them down so that God could perform a miracle.

After the second time we prayed for her she told me that she had never felt so close to God and that no one had ever prayer do intentionally for her. She left believing that God could heal her.’

Ella Triebel

‘One moment from our time in Germany that stood out to me was with a young guy from a youth centre. He was 14 years old and after hearing my testimony he had a lot of questions about how I managed to stop smoking weed. He opened up to me about his struggles with weed and allowed me to pray for him. The next day I was told that he had been found with weed in his bag but he was shown mercy and was allowed to stay. This gave me another opportunity to pray for him and I could see God moving in him. I asked him if he wanted to respond to the gospel message that he had heard. He said yes and repeated a prayer with me. About a week later I bumped into him again at a youth confirmation. He told me that he hadn’t smoked weed since he’d last seen me!’

Aidan Herbaut

‘We were getting ready for a schools lesson and thirty seconds before it was due to start we found out that we didn’t have a translator. The lesson came to a time of response and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if the students understood anything we’d said. But when I asked for a response, nine out of twenty-one young people raised their hands. This really showed how God can use our weaknesses and that the Spirit can speak and move even when language is a barrier.’

Sam K

‘One night while we were there was a sort of German holiday – a cross with bonfire night and Halloween. It was a spiritually dark day. We went along to a huge bonfire in the local town and on all of the bonfires they burn witches and crosses. We went to invite people to a BBQ that The Message were hosting along with the house of prayer. At this event there was a stage for DJs and performers so Sven, the Message Germany Hub Leader, asked the DJ if we could perform some songs. Amazingly the organiser said yes and we got to perform two songs – pouring light into a dark place. There were some local press at the event who were able to take photos and recordings of our performances. They also spoke to Sven about the work of The Message. This will hopefully bring the work of The Message a good amount of exposure that will hopefully get many churches and organisations on board with their work out there.’

Isaac Philips

‘I prayed for a girl called Carmen. She asked for healing for her shoulder and so myself and two others prayed for her. She said that her shoulder was feeling 50% better and so we prayed again and it was fully better. I felt like God gave me the word ‘daughter’. Carmen said that this didn’t mean anything but as she was about to walk away she pointed to the man next to her. He had two daughters and one of them had got married the day before without the parents knowing and she had told them that they were dead to her. So we got to pray for him and for restoration of his family.’

Pete Le Gal


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