Why Eden?

Jo shares her journey to joining Eden Bow and how her life has been changed since.

What’s your name? Jo

Where did you live before joining Eden? London

Which Eden team did you join? Bow

What led you to join Eden and relocate?

I joined All Hallows Bow, the partner church for Eden Bow, as an intern. I worked with Alex, the Eden Team Leader, to set up a girls’ group and got to know some of the young people. When my internship finished, I stopped doing any work with Eden. A while later I was asked to help at a one-off Eden event. While there I remembered what a joy it was to hang out with the young people, how much they had changed and how much they loved the Eden team. So I got back involved with the girls group. Already living on the estate, God was talking to me about living deeper, so I eventually decided to join the team. This allowed the team to hold me accountable to living deeper on the estate, pray more intentionally and work together. I’ve never looked back.

Is God calling you to a new home? Join Eden and be part of a movement of sacrificial Christians who live long-term in deprived communities. Visit joineden.org today to find out more.

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