Eden comes to Churchill Gardens

Churchill Gardens is an estate in Pimlico (Central London). Eden is partnering with St Gabriel’s church and are very excited to see what God has instore for this estate. James the team leader shares some things he is excited for and also way we can be praying and supporting him and the team in this new adventure.

‘I’m excited for us to get to know people here and to start making this place our home. We are going to be running Summer Community Events for a month starting at the end of June. This will involve BBQ’s, films, quizzes, music and much more. We hope this will help us bridge the current gap we have with the community since we are new on the block. We’ll also be going into the local primary and secondary school to run mentoring, teacher support, football and assemblies, which we are very much looking forward too.

‘We really need a team (who doesn’t!). We want to be able to launch youth clubs and more community events but at the moment we are very limited on the ground and that needs to change for us to make a real impact here. Please pray for team members and ask what God might be saying to you.

‘It’s still early days but we notice that there seems to be an unhelpful divide between those who are White British and those who are from multi-cultural backgrounds – with the latter wanting to have more places of community but struggling to find much on the estate. We would like our community events and church to be a place of love and welcome and try and find more ways to bridge the gap there. This doesn’t come naturally to any of us, so we appreciate your prayers’.

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