Eden Netherton: Shepherd on the Search

Tom and Emma Grant head up the Eden team in Netherton (Liverpool). They share a story of bringing community together and how Jesus was God’s rescue mission: 

‘Over Easter we organised a community event called Shepherd on the Search. We asked children in local schools to name twelve knitted sheep, which we then hid in shops around our community. During the school holidays the children then had to go on a search to find the missing sheep. If they managed to locate all twelve they were then entered into a prize draw to win a day out for their family. Over 160 children entered the competition and for two weeks Netherton was full of families out and about looking for our lost sheep! 

‘Everyone who participated in the event was invited to an Alpha course we were starting the following week. One woman who’s coming along to the course told us how, even though she and her children were looking for the lost sheep, she feels as though the sheep and the church community has found her at a time when she needed faith most. 

Many who entered the competition then came along to our Easter service where we were able to tell them the parable of the lost sheep found in Luke’s gospel. We shared with them how God entered his creation, in the person of Christ, on a search and rescue mission looking for his lost children’

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