Why Eden?

Ste shares his journey to joining Eden Ladbroke Grove and how his life has been changed since.

Name: Ste Burgess

Age when you joined an Eden Team: 26

Location before Eden: Warrington

Which Eden team did you join: Eden Ladbroke Grove

What job were you doing whilst part of Eden: Teaching assistant in a primary School 

What led you to join Eden and relocate?

For me it wasn’t a conventional route to Eden. I had just separated from my wife at the time and was left pretty broken, needing to start again. I needed community. Eden offered this – something I could plug into straight away and be real. It also matched my heart for church and community so it seemed the best option for me. 

The two years as a team member was a very difficult time for me as I was dealing with the pain of a messy divorce and rebuilding who I was. But I was still clinging onto God; even if it was by my fingertips at times. Being part of an Eden team meant I had a safe place to be real, to question my faith, to heal, to fail (often) and to experience grace. But also have opportunity to do mission and see God moving in people’s lives. Often I was just a body, an extra pair of hands or a cook but each time it made me put my faith in God more and more and I was able to see his faithfulness. I knew in my own life and in the lives around me that Jesus was the only one that could bring full transformation. This is what I want for Eden Ladbroke Grove – a real and authentic community for people to be part of, to question their faith, to fail, to succeed and to ultimately be used by God.

Is God calling you to a new home? Join Eden and be part of a movement of sacrificial Christians who live long-term in deprived communities. Visit joineden.org today to find out more.

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