Higher Yorkshire 2019: Disciples Making Disciples

Multiplication really excites us. And nothing is more exciting than watching new disciples making disciples. A young person had been attending Annabel Stott’s youth group for a couple of months before Higher. They came along to the gig and really connected with the music and stories from our mission team Vital Signs. The young person said he’d found a purpose for his life again because of Jesus and that night he responded to the gospel – making a first-time commitment. That young person then started reading their new Higher bible from front to back and went on to bring two more friends to the youth group who were not previously connected to a youth group and did not attend the gig. 

BrightLine visited a school in Sheffield and spent time praying with and commissioning the sixth form Christian Union students. Since then those students have launched two new Christian Unions for lower and middle school students. We’ve loved watching young people feeling empowered to go out and be the game changers in their environment.  

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