Higher Yorkshire 2019: God’s plans – not ours!

We loved watching God work in ways that we didn’t expect. Huddersfield Elim church had contacted us on the same day we secured a booking from a secondary school a couple of miles down the road from them. It seemed like God was moving as we hadn’t planned to visit Huddersfield, so we paired the two together. Unfortunately, that school pulled out last minute due to unforeseen circumstances which left us quite disheartened and deflated because we were confused about what God’s plan was. Incidentally, another school in Huddersfield expressed a last-minute interest in booking Higher, so we approached Huddersfield Elim to see if they’d be interested in supporting that school. The church were blown away when we told them which school it was as it was within the exact area the church had felt God leading them into for the last year. They had been working with the community, the infant school and the junior school and had been praying for an opportunity to start work in the secondary school. 

We had a great partner in Leeds called Vision Church who identified three schools near their Leeds campus and three schools near their Dewsbury campus. Again, we felt quite disheartened when none of those six schools were able to take a booking with Higher. In the meantime, a chaplain from a school in Pontefract had made a booking and it turned out that one of the RE teachers was a member at Vision Church. This then created the opportunity for the church to work closely with the school. Pastor Ian spent all week in the school as part of their faith week in the build-up to Higher. The school then organised a trip to take young people to the gig and since then Pastor Ian has been running a follow up group in school for 10 students. 

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