Higher Yorkshire 2019: Resurgence in Schools

One of the greatest measures of success for Higher is to look at the legacy that the tour leaves. We’re excited to report that local church partners will continue to have a regular presence in all 48 schools that we visited as part of Higher. This means that Higher is not just a one-time hit, but a long-term wave of sustainable discipleship, support and proclamation to thousands of students across South and West Yorkshire. 

Many of these 48 schools already had a regular church presence in them, such as the Christian Union delivered by Liam Brennan (St Thomas Crookes). He reflects on how Higher has helped develop their existing programme:

‘In September this year, I was asked by the staff to come and help lead their Year 7/8 CU. There were two students to begin with and it was like that for a number of weeks. We faithfully prayed and continued to commit to this. It continued to build momentum towards Higher and then the week after Higher happened, we realised we had 24 students in the room. This has really grown! Come on! I attribute a lot of this to the booking of Higher at that school.’

Through Higher we have also seen the birth of many new Christian programmes in local secondary schools. Will Gowers of St John’s Owlerton visited their local secondary school not only as the local youth worker but also the drummer of the mission band. After their visit to the school they invited him to run mentoring sessions, assemblies, Christian Unions and they even offered him a room to base himself in the school 24/7 if he wanted it. We’ve numerous other churches such as Rotherham Elim, the Sheffield Methodist Circuit, Vision Church, Huddersfield Elim and Doncaster Schools Work Trust invited into secondary schools following Higher to discuss long term partnership. 

We’ve been humbled to watch God use Higher even in the schools we weren’t able to visit. A school in Doncaster came close to booking a day with Higher but weren’t able to proceed due to a logistical challenge with the main hall. Since then the school have invited local youth workers Annabel Stott (St John Balby) and Chloe Craven (The King’s Cross Hexthorpe) in on a regular basis to set up a Christian Union and ‘invest into the spiritual development of the students.’

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