Eden grows across the capital

Eden teams have been running in London since 2011 when a team was planted in the Bow estate in East London. Since then we have seen teams spring up across the city, working hard to transform their communities with the gospel. Here are some recent stories from our teams…

Mark Tate, Team Leader

Eden Gurnell Grove

‘An increase in food poverty, a demand on the local food banks and knowing individuals who are regularly going hungry is a real problem on our estate. In response, we’ve launched a free fortnightly community meal, hoping to draw in the people most in need.

‘The first two lunches exceeded our expectations. We expected a dozen people to arrive and were amazed to have twenty to feed each time. This has led to great opportunities to build relationships with people on the edge of our community. We’re now looking at how we can hold this meal weekly and include opportunities for prayer as well as meeting practical needs.’

Hannah, Team Member

Eden Bow

‘On the Bow estate I love to take the opportunity to pray for people. One evening I was coming back from
a team meeting when I overheard two men in front of me talking. Not knowing that I was right behind them, one of the men asked the other, “Have you met the girl who prays for people?” They then realised that I was standing behind them and began to argue about who I should pray for first!’

Nathan, Team Leader

Eden Dagenham

‘Recently, our team ran our first ever rooftop worship event on the Dagenham estate. The event brought around 50 people from the community and local churches to pray and reflect on what God is doing in Dagenham and London. We set up prayer stations in the church hall, and opened up healing rooms for people to come and receive healing of all kinds – physical, emotional and spiritual. Worship leaders from across London came to lead those who gathered in declaring God’s goodness and pray for change in the city.

‘One woman also gave her life to Jesus – incredible!’

Interested in joining Eden? Head to joineden.org to find out more.