Eden comes to West Bowling

West Bowling is located in Braford (Yorkshire). Eden have partnered with St Stephen’s church and are very excited to see what God is going to do in this community. The team leader of Eden West Bowling – Lewis – shares some things he is excited for and ways we can be praying and supporting the team in this new adventure...

‘West Bowling is about nine months through its first year and things have been really exciting. My initial objectives this year were all about developing a really strong team, getting rooted in the church, getting to know the local community and get my family settled in the community. As all those three have developed I’m getting more and more excited about what can come next. We have big dreams that include mental health workshops, skill workshops and developing faith, leadership and character. The plan is to deliver this to some of the most vulnerable in our society.

‘One of our biggest prayer needs is for the team to work well together as we begin to deliver these new activities. And for us to create a firm foundation that we can keep building upon.

‘Our biggest need is for more team members. Please also pray for the right houses in the community to become available for our team to buy or rent and for God’s protection over the team.’

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