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I’m A Young Person

I’m A Young Person

We’re tired of a boring Christianity! Following Jesus is supposed to be exciting and we believe it can be. We have been rescued and set free from sin, given a new life and sent to our friends, to our schools, and the cities we live in to tell people about Jesus.

Advance Youth is here to help you do this. Here’s how it works…

Advance – The Gathering

If you want to see God move in and through you and see your friends come to know Jesus, your schools turned upside down through the gospel then this is for you! Each month you and a group of other young people aged 11-18 who are all passionate about telling people about Jesus gather together. As we come together you’ll be trained and equipped to tell people the good news of Jesus.

How can you get involved or find out more?  

All you need to do is either DM us on Instagram or email [email protected].


Bug your youth worker to get in touch with us and start an Advance – The Gathering in your area! 


Have you ever read the bible and thought, ‘these stories are crazy! I wish I could do the things these people did!’ Well, that’s what Jesus has sent us to do.  

Advance THE SCATTERING is a nine-day mission that takes place in the summer holidays that will change your life, and no that’s not just clickbait. You spend two days being trained up for evangelism and mission, put into teams and then scattered to different places to work where in partnership with local churches you’ll get involved in mission and social action projects, helping them to show and tell people about Jesus. You will make a bunch of new friends, see God move in and through you and have a tonne of fun! There is no other event like it!