All In For Jesus - The Message
28 Sep 2021

All In For Jesus

Last week we welcomed our newest students onto Message Academy for 2021/22! Having just moved to Manchester to spend the next year being trained, equipped and resourced in evangelism to reach the least, the last and the lost, these 17-25 year olds are excited to get stuck in sharing the gospel with those around them.

One of these 14 students, is Katy. We first met Katy five years ago as she started to come along to Genetik Sessions – our creative workshops that help young people explore and express their God-given potential. Here she got to know members of the team and opened up about the difficulties she was facing in her life and her mental health struggles.

As we journeyed with her, Katy was eager to find out more about the love Jesus offers and accepted God into her life two years ago, and since then has found so much hope even in the face of challenging situations. She loves sharing her story about all Jesus has done for her and wants to see those around her transformed by the love and hope of Jesus, just as she was!

Just last week Katy got baptised, recommitting herself to Jesus and as part of this she said, ‘I’m now all in for Jesus and I can’t wait to use my voice to share the hope of Jesus with those around me through Message Academy!’


Please pray for all our new students as they start their year with us, and find out more about Message Academy or apply for 2022/23, visit