23 May 2020

Being The Hands And Feet Of Jesus

Life has changed beyond description for us all in a few short weeks. But as lockdown was announced our army of Eden teams, who live in some of the UK’s most deprived neighbourhoods, swung into action.

We all face uncertainty at the moment but many of the poorest in our society are also faced with not knowing where their next meal is coming from or where they can get the vital support they need.

This is where Eden has stepped in.

Vital food parcels have been given out, homecooked meals prepared, and shopping and prescriptions delivered. In London, knowing that many of their neighbours would face extreme food poverty, our East Finchley team have partnered with a local church to set up a brand-new Foodbank. In just its first few days, hundreds of food parcels have been given out, and the team will continue doing this for as long as it’s needed.

Our heartbeat has always been and will always be to point people to Jesus, and the love and hope he offers. So, as well as providing practical help to their neighbours, teams have been seizing every opportunity to share the gospel with those they meet and speak to.

‘One of the people we delivered to today was crying at the door because she was so thankful. And then another lady we delivered to, it turned out, used to come to our parent and toddler group four years ago. It’s great to be making all these new connections that I’m sure God will use.’

Team volunteer

‘As soon as lockdown was announced we knew that many of people in our community could be overwhelmed, and we couldn’t stand by and let this happen. So we began praying into what we should do,’ says Nathan Grady, leader of the Eden Dagenham team. ‘Quickly we knew it was right to set up a buddy line for our neighbours that would not only help them practically but ease their loneliness and give them someone to talk to. A few weeks on and we’re in contact with 270 local families, many of whom we haven’t connected with before. It’s nothing big or fancy, we pick up the phone and talk to our neighbours. Together we celebrate the highs and mourn with those who are grieving, always offering to pray for them. Last weekend, one of our team was able to lead someone to Jesus on a call as they responded to the gospel for the first time. God is good! I’m sure that through this we’re going to have greater opportunities to help transform our community and share the gospel.

Please pray for all our Eden teams as they continue to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities and for opportunities to share the gospel with those they live amongst. Pray for many new lifelong disciples who will impact their families and communities.


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