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12 Nov 2020

Blessing Blaen-Y-Maes

As soon as the firebreak in Wales was lifted, our team went straight back out for a week of Love Where U Live mission in Blaen-Y-Maes. Over the past few days, they and some local volunteers have been tidying gardens, litter picking, and providing meals for people across the town, as well as getting to know their neighbours and praying for those they met.

Headed up by our brand-new Eden team, the week has been a great opportunity to share the gospel in word and deed, whilst also build long-term relationships with the local community who desperately need to hear that Jesus loves them.

As they cut down bushes and brambles and removed rubbish, our team managed to have amazing conversations with people and pray for them. Here are just a few of our favourite stories:

Early in the week, our team was clearing a garden for Amy* and as they worked she spotted the new Message Wales Bus close by. She asked if she could have a look inside it, and as she peeked in she was amazed at how the bus looked and asked lots of questions about how it was being used in the area. As the team chatted to her, Amy quickly opened up about her life and how she felt God needed to help her with a particular situation she was currently facing. Our team asked if they could pray for her and she quickly accepted. As they prayed a volunteer felt led to tell Amy how valuable she was to God and encouraged her with the good news of Jesus. She was overwhelmed by this, saying that was exactly what she needed to hear.

Another day, a group of young people passed the team and bus as they were walking home from school and wanted to know what was going on. Mike was able to explain to them what the team were doing and gave them each a gift bag filled with snacks, a bible and the4points card. Seeing the card one girl asked what the4points meant so right there Mike was able to share the gospel with the group and how they could get involved in what the local church.

Throughout the week, the team have been blown away by how many people who have come up to them saying how grateful they are that people are taking the time to make a difference to their town. And how they don’t feel forgotten anymore.

There will definitely be lots more happening in Blaen-Y-Maes in the future.

*Names have been changed.


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