Breakthrough At The Groceries - The Message
20 Jul 2021

Breakthrough At The Groceries

Figures released today show that 4.8 million more children are living in poverty now than before Covid and as restrictions ease this isn’t going away and our Community Groceries are busier than ever. But in store, members can come and shop for just £3 getting all the food they need for their family, and the groceries have always been about more than just food – we want to see lives transformed by the love of Jesus.

Last week our team in Ragworth met Lesley who came into the grocery upset and needing to chat through some difficult situations she was facing in life. As Karen from the grocery team prayed with her, Lesley’s face started to light up and she said she immediately felt brighter and happier. As they chatted, Lesley shared how she felt welcome and accepted in the grocery and wanted to know more about volunteering opportunities there to give back. As she’s started helping out, she’s being chatting to people about Jesus and it’s been great to see how her faith is growing.

Karen also started chatting with Debs who had popped into the grocery a few times but who had previously not wanted to stop and chat. However that day she was upset and wanted to talk. As she shared with Karen about her difficult past and family circumstances, Karen grabbed the opportunity to pray with her for God’s breakthrough in her situations. After chatting further with her, giving her some clothes for her children and helping her with her shop, Karen kept praying for Debs in the week. A few days later she popped back with a gift for Karen saying how accepted and welcomed she felt at the grocery and how, since they prayed together, she now feels peaceful and hopeful for the future.

Over in Sharston, Sam had been really struggling to work due to being ill and was feeling so overwhelmed at her situation that she stopped opening any post and didn’t know where to turn. After doing a shop at the grocery, Sam met Gail who invited her along to the Christians Against Poverty debt management course. Through the support of the team, Sam is now debt free, has so much more peace in her life and regularly comes along to the grocery to find out more about Jesus!


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