Being The Message

Being The Message is the new book from Andy Hawthorne, Carl Beech and other key members of The Message team. I’s a book full of hard-won wisdom after 25 years on the frontline of mission.

We want to give you a FREE sample of the book so that you can get a taste of what Being The Message is all about.

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The latest from Message Conference 2017

Being The Message: out now!

Being The Message is the new book from The Message team! Release date: 1 December 2017.

Beth Redman – ‘Keep your eyes on the prize’

Today's prayer point

Please pray for the Eden Latchford (Warrington) team, that God will give them strength and help them to remain focussed on Jesus.

Andy Hawthorne – ‘Digging, begging and owning’

Carl Beech – ‘Humility and the opposite spirit’

Andy Hawthorne – ‘How to keep going when you feel like giving up’

Luis Palau – ‘Revival across the world’

Stories from the frontline: Testimonies to blow your mind

Tim and Emma Owen – ‘How to keep on the cutting edge of creative mission’

Danielle Strickland – ‘Heart for the poor’

Carl Beech – ‘Keep on going’

Luis Palau – ‘A living sacrifice’

Emma Owen: ‘How to reach women and girls for Christ’

Sam Ward and Ben Jack – ‘Word and deed evangelism’

Carl Beech: ‘How to reach men and boys for Christ’

James Aladiran – ‘Prayer: key to revival’

Tim Hughes and Andy Hawthorne – ‘Worship and Mission: Perfect Partners’

Danielle Strickland – ‘Ready and Willing’

Celebrating 25 years of The Message!

Bring Back The Tribe!

Flow Podcast 2018

Flow Podcast Episode 36 (June 2016)