Evangelism Boot Camps are a brand new resource from The Message Trust that are designed to make evangelism as accessible and fruitful as possible for everyone.

Our aim is to provide training that equips people to have better clarity and confidence in the gospel message, and develop ways to share your faith more easily in every situation. If you want to see a culture shift in your church and help create a viral gospel movement that will impact everyone around you, then let us help you achieve that through tailored teaching, workshops and practical sessions that make outreach the norm for everyone, not just the gifted few.

What's Involved?

Each Boot Camp can be tailored to the needs of your group or church but key components on offer are:

  • Seminar/workshop sessions on ‘What is The Gospel?’, ‘How To Prepare Yourself for Mission’, ‘Platform Preaching to Bus Stop Conversations’ and more
  • Real-life tips and practical advise for what to do and what to say
  • Learning to know and share your own story with others
  • Practical sessions and exercises to sharpen you effectiveness
  • Activity based opportunities to put sharing the gosepl into practice in your area

Boot Camps can be run one of several ways:

  • Ninety-minute sessions of encouraging teaching
  • Half-day courses with several teaching sessions including practical exercises
  • Full Boot Camp experience (two-day course or weekly regular sessions) covering all material including putting into practice on the street sessions.

To book a Boot Camp or to find out more, use the contact form to get in touch.


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