Manchester is where it all began, and it’s where we’ve already deployed Eden teams, prisons teams, missions teams and our first Enterprise Centre.

The latest from North West

Job: Mess Café & Message Catering Chef

The Mess Kitchen requires an experienced & dedicated person to assist with the running of the café & catering kitchen at The Message Enterprise Centre in Sharston, Manchester.

Andy’s review of 2019

Andy Hawthorne shares his highlights of what’s happened at The Message throughout 2019.

An Alternative Route

Our Message Buses are all about going and sharing the gospel with young people in hard-to-reach communities and equipping the local church to do the same. With buses now running the length and breadth of the UK, we spoke to North West Message Bus manager John Li to find out more…

What have our Eden teams been getting up to over the summer?

Our Eden team leaders from across the country share updates and testimonies from across their neighbourhoods over the summer

Eden heads to the beach

Team leader of Eden Partington, Karen, shares how over the summer they took a group of girls from their estate to the beach and how they used this opportunity to share Jesus.

Eden Netherton: Shepherd on the Search

Tom and Emma Grant head up the Eden team in Netherton (Liverpool). They share a story of bringing community together and how Jesus was God’s rescue mission.

Urban Hero Awards 2019 – Dennis’ Story

Our work doesn’t stop at the prison gates

The Oaks is our home that supports ex-offenders or those at risk of offending with a safe place to rebuild their lives, put down roots and grow. Jamie shares his story of how he came to The Oaks and the impact it’s had on his life…

Urban Hero Awards 2019 – Thom’s Story

Urban Hero Awards 2019 – Joe’s Story

Reaching our nation

Across the UK, The Message is sharing the good news of Jesus with the least, the last and the lost. There’s lots going on – here’s your chance to catch up with the latest news

Message in Prisons | Dale’s Story

From a vision in 2004 to reach young people in prisons, our work has grown and today we’re seeing the lives of countless prisoners transformed each year as inmates discover the love and hope Jesus offers them. 

Somewhere I Could Call Home

Belonging to an Eden team is for people from all walks of life. We talked to three people who decided to be part of an Eden team whilst studying at university. Ellie, Pete and Emily were all living at home, just out of school, and plugged into their local churches before they joined Eden.

Genetik Sessions Showcase 2019

Check out some highlights from the 2019 Genetik Sessions showcase.

Eden Falinge: Giving back to the local community

With the support of Eden Falinge (Rochdale) and Hebron church, over the past six weeks students from Brownhill School and Rochdale Pupil Referral Service took part in a Creative Arts workshop to help give back to the local community.

Eden Islington: Holiday Lunch Club

‘Eden doesn’t just get under your skin, it becomes it’

Eden Openshaw (Manchester) began in May 2000. 18 years later, members of this team are still present on this estate sharing their faith and seeing God at work in their community. Sam Ward shares how, even after a team disbands, the DNA of Eden is hard to shake

Andy’s review of 2018

Andy Hawthorne takes a look back at 2018 and shares some of his highlights.

Spreading Christmas Cheer with Eden Falinge

Last weekend the Eden Falinge team (Rochdale) came together with the church to bring some good cheer and good cakes to the local community.

Christmas at the MEC

This Christmas, The Message Trust will be holding a Christmas Day celebration at the Message Enterprise Centre.