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Saying no to bullying

This Anti-Bullying week, Respect ME’s ‘The Message Today’ lesson focuses on the important topic of bullying, giving young people hints and tips on how to cope and pointing them to the love of Jesus.

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Just Be You

Working in schools across the UK and beyond, Respect ME break down the lies of the media and help young people discover their full identity and worth. Here’s some of the latest stories from our team.

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Restoration and Reconciliation

Bullying is a major issue faced by countless young people across our nation. Mission team Respect ME tackle this issue in schools with a Christian perspective. Joe Winterschladen, a team member working in the North East, shares a recent story of humility, breakthrough and restoration in one class.

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Taking Respect ME into prison

Since October our team in Wales have been taking Respect ME lessons into a prison in South Wales. This is the first time these lessons have been taken into this prison. We’ve delivered lessons covering topics including self-esteem and bullying.

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