The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelism identified that 90% of people living with a disability have not been effectively reached with the gospel, making them one of the hardest-to-rech people groups.

Enable seeks to help people with seen or unseen disabilities connect with God and understand that their lives are created intentionally, intricately and for a God-given purpose. Through working with schools and churches, Enable introduces people with complex needs to the Christian faith and gives them hope for their future.


Enable is passionate about church partnership. We partner with local churches to help and equip them to become accessible for those with seen and unseen disabilities.

We equip the church in three areas

1. Buildings | We look at how your church building can be made more accessible for those with seen and unseen disabilities

2. People | We provide training for people to help make their church more accessible and to help to make people think differently about disability

3. Outreach | Provide opportunities to reach those with disabilities in your local community

We are also available to speak at meetings, services and special occasions wherever appropriate.


What we do

Enable currently offers two different lessons.

Each lesson is run informally with information, an icebreaker, personal stories, creative tasks, reflection and questions, all with a Christian ethos:

– Respect
– Dreams and ambitions

Enable’s lessons serve to challenge perceptions of disability and encourage pupils to identify areas in their own lives where personal circumstances may be holding them back from achieving.

John Williams

John WilliamsJohn leads Enable, drawing on his wealth of experience in church ministry and his personal journey of living with cerebral palsy. Born eight weeks premature and diagnosed with a severe muscular disability, it was assumed John would never be able to walk, talk or be independent. By the grace and power of God, John has overcome life-limiting obstacles and is now able to inspire and encourage those facing the same difficulties. John is passionate about seeing people connect with the good news of Jesus, and is especially committed to ensuring that those with seen or unseen disabilities have opportunities to respond to the gospel, connect with and serve the local church and be released into the fullness of life that God has for them.


To find out more about Enable and to discuss how we can work with your church, contact:

John Williams (Team Leader)
0161 946 2304

To book Enable for your school contact:

0161 946 2300

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