The Message is coming to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire! Over the next few years we’ll be growing our unique blend of creative mission, community transformation and Christ-centred enterprise across the region.


To find out more about The Message’s work in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, get in touch with our Yorkshire Hub team.

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Matt Leeder


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The latest from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire

Andy’s review of 2019

Andy Hawthorne shares his highlights of what’s happened at The Message throughout 2019.

Job: Eden Team Leader, Buttershaw, Bradford

We’re looking for a new Eden Team Leader to lead our team in Buttershaw, Bradford. Could it be you?

Job: Young Offender Outreach Worker (West Yorkshire)

We’re looking for a Young Offender Outreach Worker for West Yorkshire. Could it be you?

What have our Eden teams been getting up to over the summer?

Our Eden team leaders from across the country share updates and testimonies from across their neighbourhoods over the summer

Seeing young people get baptised

Eden comes to West Bowling

West Bowling is located in Braford (Yorkshire). Eden have partnered with St Stephen’s church and are very excited to see what God is going to do in this community.

Higher Yorkshire 2019: God’s plans – not ours!

We loved watching God work in ways that we didn’t expect.

Higher Yorkshire 2019: Eden and Higher

Watching our Eden and Higher ministries work hand in hand supporting each other and seeing God move through this united work has been wonderful

Higher Yorkshire 2019: Disciples Making Disciples

Multiplication really excites us. And nothing is more exciting than watching new disciples making disciples.

Higher Yorkshire 2019: Resurgence in Schools

One of the greatest measures of success for Higher is to look at the legacy that the tour leaves. We’re excited to report that local church partners will continue to have a regular presence in all 48 schools that we visited as part of Higher.

Reaching our nation

Across the UK, The Message is sharing the good news of Jesus with the least, the last and the lost. There’s lots going on – here’s your chance to catch up with the latest news

Somewhere I Could Call Home

Belonging to an Eden team is for people from all walks of life. We talked to three people who decided to be part of an Eden team whilst studying at university. Ellie, Pete and Emily were all living at home, just out of school, and plugged into their local churches before they joined Eden.

Higher Tour: Yorkshire Highlights 2019

Higher Yorkshire two weeks in!

Just two weeks into Higher Yorkshire and we’re hearing amazing stories of how God is moving in schools, gigs and local churches.

Lifting Jesus higher in Cambridgeshire and South Wales

Since September 2018, we’ve taken Higher to Cambridgeshire and South Wales, rounding out 2018 with four significant Higher missions and our biggest impact to date.

Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer – Day Fourteen

Today is the final devotion for the Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer. It has been written by Matt Leeder from The Message Trust.

Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer – Day Twelve

Todays devotional has been written by Daniel Martin from Destiny Christian Church Wakefield

Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer – Day Eleven

Todays devotional has been written by Josh Wheeler from The Message Trust Yorkshire Hub.

Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer – Day Ten

The devotional for day 10 has been written by Emily Spademan from Alpha UK

Higher Yorkshire Two Weeks of Prayer – Day Nine

Todays devotional comes from Nikky Sentence – team leader of the Eden Fir Vale team (Sheffield)