#ChangedByJesus - The Message
23 Mar 2021


Whether they were big memorable moments, or quieter whispers, as Christians we’ve all been changed by Jesus and had our lives transformed by him. To celebrate this and share their latest track Down, mission team OTC have started the #ChangedByJesus campaign which hopes to flood social media many personal stories and testimonies of how Jesus has changed lives!

And the response has already been amazing with many people taking to their phones and sharing the hope and love of Jesus. Here are just a few of the stories that have been piling in:

‘When I was 16, I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour – the doctors told me I had days to live! Thankfully surgeries went well so I am alive to tell the tale, but it was such a terrifying time for me. During this difficult time of recovery, I took so much peace in the fact that God was with me and was sovereign over it all. I know that God was carrying me through, giving me peace!’

‘When I was 14 years old, my mum was sectioned in hospital and I was placed in foster care. I lost all hope and didn’t want to keep going anymore. I decided to go to this bridge and jump off – my feet were off the ground and yet this gush of wind held me back and stopped me falling! I know that it was God who saved me that day, and since then he has restored in me hope, peace and a joy for life and seeing others transformed by Jesus too!’

‘I come from a broken family – when my father left this really affected how I viewed families and father figures. I was so hurt and angry and no matter what I tried to do, I couldn’t seem to find joy, peace and freedom in my life. Until a friend introduced me to Jesus. As we chatted and prayed, the Holy Spirit came into my life and showed me God’s love as a perfect Father. He filled the empty spaces in my life and made me whole again – I am a beloved son and I now have so much joy and freedom and am able to forgive my own father for leaving us. Now I know I am changed by Jesus!’

‘I struggled with anxiety since I was 15 and it always made me feel really weak. I thought all my hopes and dreams for the future were just that – dreams – because my anxiety was holding me back. But the Bible says that God has incredible plans and purposes for our lives and that doesn’t stop if we are feeling weak. God is stronger and bigger than even my worst fear, and when I put my trust in God, he used what I saw as weaknesses for his glory!’

We would love to hear your story too! Why not take to social media and use #ChangedByJesus and tag OTC at @otc.band so we can see how Jesus has changed your life!


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