Changing Lives in Prison - The Message
15 Oct 2020

Changing Lives in Prison

11 – 17 October is Prisons Week and we want to recognise the work of our Prisons Teams by sharing stories of success and hope.

When our Prisons team first met James* he was in a dark place and struggling with depression and self-harm. He was at such a low point that the other prisoners and prison officers were concerned about him and asked one of our team to spend time with him.

As Paul got to know James, he opened up and shared about his troubled childhood that had seen his sister taken abroad to live with another family, leaving him behind and alone.

James joined one of our chaplaincy groups and this was a turning point. As he chatted and prayed through some issues with our outreach worker, James decided he wanted to know more about God and asked to join the Christian Bible Study and Discipleship group.

Here he found Jesus as well as the welcome and support of the other lads. James quickly became a key member of the group, going on to bring others in the prison with him to join in the Bible studies.

James was released from prison during lockdown, but is still in contact with Paul regularly. He’s found a job, Christians who will support him and has a new hope for the future. The change has been so great that his friends and family are surprised at the turnaround in his life.

James describes Paul as ‘a friend who runs courses in prison that save people’s lives’.

*name changed


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