#ChooseToLive - The Message
19 Jan 2021

Did you know suicide is the third most common cause of death for young people aged 15-19? This is devastating and we cannot stand by and do nothing. We know that God has a plan for each of these young people and we are determined that every one of them gets to know the hope and strength Jesus offers them, even in their darkest moments.

So, as many people across the country struggle to find hope and purpose during continued lockdowns, Amongst Wolves have launched a new #ChooseToLive campaign encouraging those at rock bottom and considering suicide to instead realise their worth and choose to live.

Sophie* is a teenage girl who reached out to mission team, Amongst Wolves, to tell them that she was struggling with her mental health and self-worth. She had got to the point where she felt so low and without hope that she thought suicide was her only way out. This hit Amongst Wolves hard and they immediately started praying with her, directing her to support services and resources, and sharing about the strength and peace they find in Jesus. As they journeyed with her, Sophie realised there was hope in life and is learning that she can fight her suicidal thoughts and win!

Realising that Sophie was just one of many who must be struggling with similar thoughts – especially as lockdowns, restrictions and school closures continue across the country – Amongst Wolves were determined to do something to show the love of Jesus to these young people and encourage them to choose life rather than consider suicide.

From this, the campaign #ChooseToLive emerged.

#ChooseToLive is all about flooding social media platforms with messages of encouragement and life in the hope that someone contemplating suicide might see these messages and change their mind. We know that God has a plan for every single person and wants to see them living life to the full so could you stand with us in this campaign as we try to reach people right across the UK who are struggling?

We are asking you to do three things:

  1. Share a message of hope on social media – something that you wish you could say to anyone contemplating suicide.
  2. Reach out and message three friends saying that you’re there to talk if they need anything, now or in the future.
  3. Share resources and services that people struggling can be referred to and receive help.

Together, let’s encourage people to #ChooseToLive and see many lives transformed by the power and love of God.

*Name changed


To find out more about the campaign, visit Amongst Wolves on their social media accounts.

As part of the campaign, Amongst Wolves have just released their latest song Voices written to speak into the lives of people thinking about taking their lives You can listen to the song now here.