Christmas Campaign 1 - The Message
Keep families fed this Christmas

Christmas Campaign 1

Keeping Families Fed

This Christmas a staggering 15,000,000 families in the UK will struggle to put food on their table. Covid has made life tougher than ever for the poorest communities, and as the cost of living soars and families struggle after the Universal Credit cut it’s only getting harder.

But we’re not standing by and doing nothing, and with your support we can make a difference to thousands more families.

Thanks to your support, over the last year we’ve launched 11 Community Groceries which now support over 10,000 families across the country! As members shop and connect with the wrap-around support we’ve seen hundreds of lives transformed as people have heard the gospel and responded to it. But we can’t and won’t stop there.

Demand for Community Groceries is growing dramatically, so we want to launch another 12 groceries in 2022 in some of the UK’s poorest places to help fight food poverty and share Jesus in word and deed. Alongside these groceries we dream of launching more Eden teams in the heart of these communities, where our teams can build relationships and disciple grocery members as they grow in their faith. We also want to make sure the poorest families across our nation don’t go hungry by blessing them with a Christmas Day hamper.

The need is great, so it’s time for us all to once again step out in faith and a gift from you would make a huge difference to many lives.

Lives like Alex’s.

We first met Alex when he signed up at our Lincoln Community Grocery. As work dried up during lockdown, money quickly got tighter than ever, and they found themselves not knowing where the next meal was coming from. As the pandemic continued, the pressure of putting food on the table was a constant battle and it started to impact Alex’s mental health. With the Universal Credit cut looming, things looked bleaker than ever; ‘Some people said the end of the £20 a week top up wasn’t much, but to me, that’s a fifth of my income,’ Alex said.

Not knowing how he was going to cope, Alex heard about the Community Grocery that had just opened nearby, and quickly signed up. Since then, he’s been a regular customer, shopping for just £3 a visit. ‘It’s amazing here, I can get so much fresh food for the kids. I have social anxiety, but this place means hope to me.’ 

And the groceries are about much more than keeping people fed physically – they’re also about sharing the good news and hope of Jesus with members too. Michelle heard the gospel boldly shared in her local grocery and her life has been transformed by Jesus!

‘When I heard about the Christian faith in the grocery I felt drawn to find out more. As Jane shared about Jesus with me, I realised he was real and going to guide me through life no matter how hard it is. I felt like a different person – a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.’ 

Can you help us change lives and keep families fed this Christmas and beyond?

  • For £18 a month you would feed a family for a fortnight.
  • £36 a month would feed a family for a whole month.
  • £50 would mean a family has a Christmas to remember by giving them a Christmas Day hamper.
  • 100 people giving £25 a month would see us launch a new Eden team.
  • 100 people giving £500 would see us launch a brand Community Grocery.