Christmas Campaign 1 - The Message
Message Trust Christmas campaign

Christmas Campaign 1

God hates poverty … and we need to do something about it.

Did you know that today over 4,800,000 families in the UK now struggle to put food on their table every single day? And this figure is skyrocketing as the Covid crisis continues. Never in all our time working in some of the poorest communities across our nation have we seen a need as urgent as the one we face today.

We won’t stand by and do nothing, and are perfectly positioned to help make a difference to many families this Christmas and beyond.

Here’s how. We have recently launched our first Message Community Grocery in Sharston (Manchester), where for just £3 a shop local people can come to get all the healthy food they need to feed their families (shopping up to twice a week) as well as wrap around support in debt management, healthy cooking classes, life skills and exploring Christianity. We’ve already seen almost 1,000 families benefitting, but don’t want to stop there! We want to launch 12 more groceries in some of the UK’s most deprived communities that will keep families fed, as well as introduce them to Jesus. We need your help to make this happen.

Lives are already being transformed. The lives of people like Jennifer who we first met while delivering meals to her during the first lockdown.

Unable to work due to ill health, she and her partner had spent years struggling to control their debt. As the country closed down, her partner lost his job. Within three weeks all their money was gone, and they didn’t know where the next meal was coming from. It was then that we got in touch with Jennifer and started delivering meals to her family.

As Lucy delivered meals, she got to know Jennifer and they chatted about the tough times she was going through. On one visit, Lucy offered her a Bible which Jennifer took and started reading straight away with her little girl.

As lockdown eased, life didn’t get easier. But then Jennifer heard about the Message Community Grocery opening in Sharston and started coming along each week to get her shopping. ‘Calling the grocery a lifeline isn’t enough, I can’t describe what they’ve done for me and my family. Without them my kids would eat but my partner and I wouldn’t,’ said Jennifer. ‘My belief in Jesus has been brought back to life again, and I want to know more about Christianity now. Every time a meal arrived during lockdown it had a little verse on it, and this always spoke to me about something I was going through.

‘If I’m honest, I’d reached the end of the road, but Covid and the support of the Message Community Grocery has brought me back to God.’

As well as opening Community Groceries we want to make sure 5,000 of the poorest families in our nation don’t go without this Christmas by giving them a Christmas Day hamper. But we don’t just want to bless them at Christmas, so we have ‘Love Where You Live’ missions planned for each of these communities where we will go out and share the love of Jesus in word and deed.

It’s a lot to do but the scale of need is huge. Can you help us change lives and keep families fed this Christmas and beyond?

  • For £12 a month you would feed a family for a fortnight.
  • £24 a month would feed a family for a whole month.
  • £50 would mean a family has a Christmas to remember by giving them a Christmas Day hamper.
  • 350 people giving £100 would see us launch one of our new Community Groceries.