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Community Groceries

Covid has changed all of our lives, but we’re keeping mission front and centre using every opportunity to share Jesus’ love and hope in word and deed. Message Community Groceries are just one way we’re doing this.

Millions of families are struggling with the cost of the weekly shop, and don’t know where the next meal is coming from. We couldn’t stand by and do nothing. So are playing our part in providing access to fresh and affordable food, whilst also sharing Jesus’ love with members.

Community Groceries are all about bridging the gap between supermarkets and foodbanks. Using surplus food fresh from local supermarkets, our groceries make the cost of the weekly shop more affordable. Members can come and shop for just £3 – saving up to £40 per shop – getting all the food they need for their family.

But it’s about more than food. We also provide members with free wrap-around support and access to courses too. Courses include debt management support through CAP, cooking lessons, investigating Christianity courses and Alpha courses, plus many more.

Our first store opened in Sharston in September 2020, and was quickly helping almost 1,000 local residents with their shopping. Since then, we’ve opened a second store in Salford, with at least 11 more groceries opening across the UK this year.

As we share Jesus’ love in word and deed. Lives are being transformed. The lives of members like Jen who we met when delivering lockdown meals to her family, and who as we’ve chatted to her about Jesus has rediscovered his love for her.


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