Eden Hexham: Growing Disciples - The Message
12 Nov 2019

Eden Hexham: Growing Disciples

The Eden Hexham team started work on their estate in the North East of England at the start of 2018. Spending their days pouring the love of Jesus into their community, the team have seen God move in incredible ways. Rachel, team leader, shares a recent story from their community…

‘Back in February, I had a phone call from a lady who lives on our estate. She asked, ‘Rachel are God and Jesus the same person?’ We went on to chat and I suggested we spent more time looking at some the questions she had. I told her about the Alpha resources and how they’re a great way to explore Christianity. The team planned to start an Alpha course for this lady and two of her friends who were also interested. But word spread and more people became interested. Some weeks were feeding up to 20 people! 

‘We have since completed the Alpha course and we still meet together on a weekly basis to look at other materials and testimonies. As a result, two of the women got baptised in September and continue to journey with God. The two of them brought over 50 guests between them to the baptism service, many of whom had never been in a Church before.’


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