Enable - The Message
Diverse crowd worshipping


Enable seeks to equip, empower and educate people to understand disabilities.

Enable educates those without disabilities to understand those who do. Additionally, the team seeks to introduce people with complex needs to the Christian faith and gives them hope for their future.  

Enable works primarily in two different areas – schools and churches.  

The Lausanne Committee of World Evangelism identified that 90% of people living with a disability have not been effectively reached with the gospel  


Enable works in partnership with local churches, helping them to serve people with disabilities. We are keen to offer ongoing training and practical support for church staff and volunteers, helping them to become more aware of disability needs and how to make our churches and means of discipleship accessible.   

Each partner church has a representative Enable champion to focus on making their church more accessible in three different areas:  


How to make the church building more accessible.


Provide training to help more members of the congregation be informed and aware of how to best engage with those who have disabilities.  


How to be effective in evangelistic outreach to those with a disability in the local community.  


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‘Enable has transformed my understanding of disability and what is needed to make our churches places of welcome for all people, no matter what their physical, mental or emotional condition’

Alan Saunders – Vicar


Enable’s lessons serve to challenge perceptions of disability and encourage pupils to identify areas in their own lives where personal circumstances may be holding them back from achieving their full potential.  

Enable offers a number of lessons. Each lesson is run informally with information, an icebreaker, personal stories, creative tasks, reflection and questions, all with a Christian ethos.  

Lessons include:  

  • Unseen Disabilities  
  • Dreams and Ambitions 
  • Respect