Evangelism Behind The Screens - The Message
04 May 2021

Evangelism Behind The Screens

During the past year we’ve all spent more time than ever online, with Zoom and YouTube becoming part of our everyday lives. As we’ve logged on, new opportunities for us to tell people about Jesus have emerged. So, what’s been happening as evangelism has moved online?

Introducing People To Jesus

How can people respond if they’ve not first heard? Although we can’t go into schools or run gigs in the same way at the moment, our passion to see young people hear and respond to the gospel has not stopped – so we’re reaching out to young people online.

Every week our teams are releasing truth-filled videos and resources for schools and youth groups live on their social media channels. As the young people tune in, they get to hear more about the love and hope of Jesus and explore how he changes lives. As well as this, each month, we’re online with Higher Live – an evening packed with music, games, fun and the gospel. And we have heard many stories of how young people’s lives are impacted.

Scott* is one lad tuning in, having been first told about a Higher Live gig by a friend who knew he was having a tough time with his mental health and anxiety. As he watched he began laughing, joking and smiling. His mum was so blown away by the change in him that she got in touch to share what a difference the gig had made to Scott. Scott’s friend is now encouraging him to tune in to Message Live with him and find out more about the love and hope Jesus offers.

At the same time, people are getting their questions about faith answered as our Community Grocery and Eden teams up and down the country run the4points, Alpha and Youth Alpha courses online. On each course we are seeing people responding to the gospel and connecting with the local church!

Growing In Faith

Whether it happens in person or online, we want every decision to turn into lifelong discipleship. So, as well as putting out content sharing the gospel, our teams are online supporting people as they grow in their faith too. Every Wednesday evening our bands head online exploring different elements of faith with young people.

As they chat about things like ‘what does it mean to follow God’ and ‘how to hear God’ they answer questions and are seeing young people’s love for Jesus, prayer and reading their Bibles grow. It’s our prayer that through this we’ll see a generation who are passionate about deepening and sharing their faith rise up.

As well as discipleship sessions for young people, we’re online every day with resources and teaching to equip the church for mission through our Message Live programmes.

Raising Up Evangelists

As people hear the gospel and grow in their faith, they can’t help but tell others – but how do they grow in the skills and confidence needed to share about Jesus with boldness? This is where Advance Groups come in. As groups currently can’t meet in person they’ve moved online too, and what an impact they are having!

Across the globe, groups are growing at their fastest rate ever as new members log in. In the past few months, members like Franciele have joined Advance online and discovered a passion for telling others about Jesus.

‘I grew up in a Christian family but always thought evangelism was hard and something reserved for people with the right skills – definitely not me! If I’m honest I don’t remember sharing my faith with anyone. That all changed six months ago when I was invited to be part of an Advance Group
here in Brazil and discovered lots of people felt the same as me. As I continued to log on for meetings, prayed with others and pressed into God’s heart for sharing the gospel, I started to get more confident about who I am and sharing who God is. Evangelism is much easier for me now and I am excited to see how God will use me next.’


Find out more about what’s happening online at message.org.uk/live