23 Aug 2021

Love Where U Live Blackpool

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From Monday 23 to Sunday 29 August 2021, our team of volunteers will be out in Trinity Parish, Blackpool, sharing Jesus love in prayer, word and deed. And we’ve got so much planned for the week!

In Layton, in partnership with St Mark’s Church, we will have an ‘Alley Makeover’ where we plan to transform one of the Gated Alleys that run at the back of the terrace houses, into a communal space that can be enjoyed by the residence.

In Staining, we are running a village clean up event in partnership with St Luke’s Church, and in Grange Park, we will complete a garden makeover for a nominated resident, in partnership with Hope Community Church!

And that’s not all! We’re also running events for the whole family including:

  • An evening gig full of music, worship and the Gospel on Friday 27 August
  • A family fun afternoon on Saturday 28 August
  • A church service where anyone is welcome on Sunday 29 August

Our team of volunteers are happy to help you in any way they can including removing rubbish from the streets, cleaning up local community spaces, tidying gardens and more! So if you live in Trinity Parish, Blackpool and would like us to help you or your neighbours, or if you and your church want to get involved by volunteering, visit message.org.uk/love-where-u-live-blackpool to find out more.